About Us

Our goal is to take the stress out of the college search and application process.

Led by Carol Doherty, a Professional Member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association, Doherty Educational Consultants provides personalized support and guidance to students and their families on educational issues. DEC’s primary mission is to help clients identify their “best match” college —one that fits the student’s academic and social profile at a price the family budget can afford. While DEC is based in Georgia, we have the ability to work remotely and in fact currently work with students in seven other states across the country. Geography isn't an issue!

Our consultants assist with career and personality assessments and provide guidance on high school course selection and standardized testing options. Additionally, we evaluate the strength of extracurricular activities as they relate to each student's profile. As senior year approaches, we help students identify possible colleges, manage college visits and execute every step of the application process. Our focus is on lowering the stress levels for both students and their families while ensuring that the very best of each student is presented on his or her college application.

Our Consultants

Carol Doherty grew up in Columbia, South Carolina and received a B.S. in Accounting from the University of South Carolina. A C.P.A., she began her career in New York as an auditor for Coopers & Lybrand and worked for a number of years in accounting positions in New York and Washington, D.C. One of her career highlights was working as CFO of Kissinger Associates, Inc., the geopolitical consulting firm of former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, and as Dr. Kissinger’s personal accountant. Later relocating to Atlanta, Carol managed a Marietta-based tennis academy and discovered her passion for working with teenagers. Together with her experience helping her own children find their perfect colleges, Carol’s interest led to her founding a college consulting firm to help other students and families find their own paths. Her dedication to problem solving and organization, together with the personal relationship she develops with each client, makes Carol the ideal resource in helping navigate the college search process.

Growing up in a military family, Kelly Wewer lived all over the country but calls Raleigh, North Carolina, her hometown. She earned an undergraduate business degree from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and began her financial management career with Northern Telecom. Kelly held a number of finance and marketing positions with the company in Dallas, New York, and Raleigh, and in the process completed her M.B.A. at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Relocating to Atlanta when she married, and after ten years in the turbulent telecommunications industry, Kelly's desire for a career change led to her redirection toward non-profit development and fundraising. With young children, Kelly focused on non-profit development and fundraising for a number of years. It was during the college search and selection process with her own daughter that Kelly found a new passion, combining her financial and development experience with a passion for helping families find affordable options for a college education.

Lexy Bridges considers herself a lifelong learner - she would stay in school forever if she could! She completed an undergraduate degree in geological sciences at the University of South Carolina and then went on to pursue a Master’s in economic geology. When it came time to think about career planning, though, Lexy realized she couldn’t be satisfied as a mine site geologist, so she changed course. Her true passion is education, and even though she can’t be a student forever, Lexy is excited to help other students find their own paths beyond high school. She is especially driven to facilitate equity in higher education and the job market by helping students from all backgrounds and income levels find their place in college.

Lissa Newman is from a military family, too, and was born in Germany but grew up in the Atlanta area. She earned a journalism degree from the University of Georgia, then worked for several years for the U.S. Senate in Washington, D.C. before moving back to Georgia. She was employed by Georgia Power Company in several legislative and corporate communications positions while earning her J.D. degree from Georgia State University. Lissa practiced law for a number of years before leaving the workplace when her children were born. She has worked with Carol Doherty for several years in a support capacity with research and administrative responsibilities.

The Path to Success

The path to success for your student leads to the college that will provide them with the best academic and personal experience, all at a cost that makes financial sense. We work with you and your student to find their best match.

Some sample areas we can help with:

• Analysis of Personality Traits and Potential Career Paths

• High School Course Selection

• Standardized Testing Options

• Identification of Potential Colleges

• College Admissions Applications and Essays

• College Financial Aid and Scholarships

• Analysis of College Costs

• Review of Extracurriculars and Summer Opportunities

• Specialized College Programs

• Other Post-Secondary Educational Options

Doherty Educational Consultants assists students from all ranges of academic strengths. No matter how good a student your daughter is, you want her to go to a school where she can receive the academics to support her dreams. By guiding your student to her “best match” school, we can help insure that she studies HER right major and avoids a costly fifth or sixth year of study. If we can help prevent just one additional semester of study, you will have more than paid for our services.
It’s easy to forget that there are actually 31 colleges within the University System of Georgia. Some schools clearly have a higher profile than others, but there are options all over the state that offer choices for virtually every Georgia student. From two- to four- year schools, full-time to evening programs, highly academic to chiefly vocational/technical institutions, Georgia has a wide variety of post-secondary schools to offer -- all at in-state tuition rates. We will also guide your student to consider any possible out-of-state schools that offer an affordable college education.
Unless price isn’t an issue, when considering out-of-state colleges it’s important to identify possible scholarships, institutional aid and other sources of tuition funding. Carol Doherty’s students from the Class of 2015 were offered $3.5 million in merit aid (exclusive of HOPE Scholarships) at 46 different schools. This accomplishment was due to our focus on schools who WANT your student and not just schools who will accept your student.
Our college consulting services include personal and career assessments to assist your student in determining possible career avenues and related courses of study. These are all critical to our steering your student toward schools that provide the academics he or she wants. If we can help avoid a later change of major that necessitates more time in school for your student, you will have saved another semester (or more) of tuition.
Most colleges require a FAFSA for your student to be eligible for any type of financial aid at that school. So, for example, even if you are in a higher income bracket, a FAFSA may be required for your student to be eligible for merit scholarships. Each school’s requirements vary and sometimes an institution requires a FAFSA as well as a school financial aid application. We make sure our families are aware of the financial aid process for the schools to which their students apply.

Our Services

 Full Service Educational Consulting

Our complete service includes personality and career assessments along with individual guidance on all topics relating to college or other post-secondary education options.

 Consulting for Transitional College Students

DEC also works with current college students who seek a change of institution or older high school graduates who may be resuming or beginning college coursework after a hiatus.

 Senior Limited Package

Available beginning June 1 following a student's junior year, this service is intended for seniors who need limited assistance in evaluating their final college list and developing their applications and essays. This service is offered on a space-available basis.

 Hourly Consulting As Needed

We can also assist with other post-secondary educational concerns that are of a more individual nature.

Let's Get Started!


Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for helping me to navigate the college application process!! This fall, I will attend the University of Delaware as a Chinese Studies major. UD offered me a full scholarship, and I am so excited! I can’t wait to get on campus and begin my college experience!”

Evangelista | Chinese Studies, University of Delaware

Thank you!

Thank you for getting Claire started on an adventure we would not have visualized for her.

Mother of Claire | Game Art & Design, DePaul University

Extremely Supportive

[Carol] was extremely supportive, encouraging and positive. She is very comfortable to talk and work with. She took a lot [of] stress off of our shoulders. She loves her work and is very devoted to clients.

Alli | Business, High Point University

Extremely Accessible

Even though I was at a New England prep school, Carol made herself extremely accessible. Texts at unconventional hours, Skype calls, and impromptu Starbucks meetings when at home in Georgia were all very easy to set up.

Caleb | Computer Science, Georgia Tech

Highly Recommended!

Carol developed a solid working relationship with our daughter and helped her achieve getting into the top school of her choice with a fantastic scholarship! We highly recommend [her] to any parent facing the daunting challenges of college planning. Carol and her team are well worth it!

Mother of Christine | Opera, Florida State University

Makes Impossible Possible

There was no way my parents would have said ‘yes’ to going to college in southern California if it hadn’t been for Carol. She makes the impossible possible. My dream was to be in NROTC in San Diego … everyone said it wasn’t realistic but not Carol. Carol lets us ordinary kids do extraordinary things.

Catherine | Engineering, San Diego State University

We have helped over 500 students with acceptance to over 230 colleges.